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Traveling the world is a dream for most.  For Rich Cocovich, the executive in charge of the private funding consulting firm Global Star Capital, travel is a complete reality almost daily.  As the top consultant in private funding for over two decades,  Cocovich has serviced clients globally.  He is always on the move.  “I have diabetes and must take insulin injections, so it is not easy, says Cocovich.  “Producers of reality shows have approached me to  film episodes of my travel.   Having my name and face on television would definitely upset all deep pocketed investors who rely on me”,  he says.  His favorite airline to fly?  Emirates.  “JFK to Dubai on Emirates is the best.  The A380 for Emirates is the most comfortable in business class by far”, adds Cocovich.  Project principals who need investment capital from private people seek out Cocovich and his staff.  90% of the projects they see are turned away.  Cocovich adds, “we have our haters.  As the world’s top consultant in private funding,  we shake our heads when people use the internet to try and ruin our reputation by creating libelous postings under fake handles. We have a strict protocol and it is in place.  Advanced technology is allowing for the trace on exactly where a posting such as the aforementioned is made from and we have had the chance to prosecute some people.  I will not genuflect to shallow people who viciously lie attack in our  credibility and over two decades worth of work.”  The firm has serviced clients in 118 countries and is responsible for projects world-wide.  Global Star Capital and Rich Cocovich can service any project.  Please view our

Business Class of the Airbus 380 travelling fr...

Business Class of the Airbus 380 travelling from Dubai to Sydney in June 2009 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

website at www.globalstarcapital.com and begin in the Our Process Section. –Traveler Elite

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