An Overview of Consultancy Fees and the Private Financing Industry by Rich Cocovich, Founder of Global Star Capital

At Global Star Capital of Hilton Head Island, South Carolina, we provide funding-related consulting services to private and public projects and business concepts around the world. During our 20 years in operation, we have been contracted by numerous national governments, Fortune 500 firms, and accomplished entrepreneurs to help them in getting their projects off the ground. However, like any consultancy, we do charge fees for our high-end professional services and our extensive experience in business development and project financing.

Securing capital requires several important attributes, including finesse, in-depth knowledge of the project, and a solid background in the financing industry. Often, entrepreneurs, public sector organizations, and businesses that try to go it alone (that is, without a consultancy assisting them) become mired down in their ability to make connections and their capacity for knowing exactly what information capital funders want to see before green-lighting a project. When an individual or organization pays a firm like Global Star Capital to find funding for their project, they pay for those exact services: knowledge of and connections within the investment world.

In addition, a lot of untruth exists on the Internet regarding the private funding world. Many people who post negative comments about private financiers seek to tarnish a firm’s reputation anonymously because they did not meet the company’s background check or minimum qualifications for funding on their own projects. Their defamatory statements often attack a consultancy’s fee service, claiming this information was not made readily available to them. Such web-based comments are meant to dissuade others from using that firm. To eliminate these problems, Global Star Capital is incredibly forthright about its fee information, and the company seeks open and communicative relationships with potential customers and current clients alike.

Any entity, whether a publicly held bank, certified public accountant, or private financier, charges fees to process loans. At Global Star Capital, we work to reduce those fees and provide our clients with reputable avenues with which to fund their projects. Our customers recognize the value of the services we provide at minimal costs to them.

About the Author: Possessing impressive analytical abilities and business acumen, Rich Cocovich regularly interfaces with funding source facilitators to secure capital for his Global Star Consulting clients. His firm has done work in over 100 countries and handles a myriad of private funding types, including start-up capital, stage two growth, mergers and acquisitions, leveraged buyouts, refinancing loans, and construction loans.


About Global Star Capital

Promoting a broad array of new project ideas, Global Star Capital serves as a leader in assisting clients to build game plans in order to acquire significant amounts of capital funding. Founded in 1991 by high-end consultant Rich Cocovich, Global Star Capital acts as a consultant intermediary for clients who desire funding for their commercial or intellectual property project. For over two decades, Global Star Capital has successfully worked with clients in over 100 countries and all 50 states in the United States. Global Star Capital commits itself to continued ethical and professional standards. Receiving only submissions from screened brokers and intermediaries, or working directly with the decision-making principals, Global Star Capital ensures its clients and facilitators of investment capital that project submissions are legitimate business opportunities. Applying a strict protocol process, Rich Cocovich and the rest of the staff at Global Star Capital welcome all serious and prepared project principals, including world governments, to begin their process at
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