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Morningstar reports that Linkedin has raised the price of their initial public offering to $42 from $32 dollars.  In my opinion Linkedin has become the cesspool for every novice entity who tries to work from home and cloak themselves as a professional.  It has also become the place for slander, defamation and libelous comments from the lowest of the low.  Linkedin was a great concept at one time, but became cheapened thanks to people who should be flipping burgers posing as professionals.  However, Linkedin will cash in on their IPO.

Rich Cocovich
Global Star Capital Funding

About Global Star Capital

Promoting a broad array of new project ideas, Global Star Capital serves as a leader in assisting clients to build game plans in order to acquire significant amounts of capital funding. Founded in 1991 by high-end consultant Rich Cocovich, Global Star Capital acts as a consultant intermediary for clients who desire funding for their commercial or intellectual property project. For over two decades, Global Star Capital has successfully worked with clients in over 100 countries and all 50 states in the United States. Global Star Capital commits itself to continued ethical and professional standards. Receiving only submissions from screened brokers and intermediaries, or working directly with the decision-making principals, Global Star Capital ensures its clients and facilitators of investment capital that project submissions are legitimate business opportunities. Applying a strict protocol process, Rich Cocovich and the rest of the staff at Global Star Capital welcome all serious and prepared project principals, including world governments, to begin their process at
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